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pastor john wagnerAll of us have expectations inside our lives. We expect things will occur in accordance with our preconceived ideas and plans. Sometimes things don't happen as we expect, and our a reaction to those unexpected events can determine whether or otherwise we lose out on God's best in your lives. To illustrate now look at the account of Naaman from 2 Kings chapter 5:

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In Baptist, and also Christian and Missionary Alliance Church settings, this writer has observed pastors mis-using church discipline committees to try and force their way of thinking on church members, to discover the Pastor was involved in an act of dishonesty. The Pastor then tired to conceal his act of dishonesty by using a discipline committee to keep handle of the individual that could reveal ?the skeleton inside the closet?, making the innocent resemble the guilty party, or perhaps a party of questionable reputation. Definite spiritual abuse.

"I believe most all the politicians are politicians,' said Jones. 'They're not telling the American people the truth. I spent 30 years in Europe being a missionary and when I came back to America I was horrified by the conditions of America. Lets say the moral, spiritual, and say the financial conditions."

"Although success in everyday life isn't guaranteed, Jesus makes victory a most certain possibility" - Pastor Sabra I love the story of Meg. F. Quijano's daughters open-mindedness of thought. Meg was returning from the motivational session held from the National Organization for Women preceding a most routine conversation purposely along with her young daughter.

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